How much does it cost?

  “Absolutely nothing!”

              We are proudly screaming this out loud (we’re probably doing that low-key right now, you know, coz it’s 3 AM somewhere!). This was made possible by people like you who believe in the maker-spirit and have dived right in to help the community!#WeLoveThemSponsors!

Yesss, the best things in life are free, and what can possibly be better than a Maker Faire? One that is completely free for everyone who visits! All you lazy-pokes, frugal-misers and busier-than-Trump’s-pr-guy folks better mark your calendars for! 17th-18th November.

But But BUT! You do need to do ONE thing! And that is RSVPing beforehand by filling in the Google form Right Here!

(Beware, all the strays will be digging up the RSVP form at the Faire, so spare yourself some stress and last-minute panic and fill it already!)

RSVP LINK : Click Here