Anupama Gowda/ Pavan Kumar
Workbench Projects, Ground Floor
Halasuru Metro Station,
Next to Entrance-A,
Gupta Layout, Halasuru
Bangalore 560 008
+919945002529/ 9663090123

Workbench Projects
with the support of
Department of IT/BT- Karnataka

10am-7pm, 17-18 November 2017 at Bangalore Palace.

Maker Faire Bengaluru (MFB) is an independently produced celebration of local maker culture. MFB creates opportunities for conversations with Makers, Tech enthusiasts, crafters, educators, tinkerers, hobbyists, engineers, science clubs, authors, artists, students, and entrepreneurs where all come together to show their projects and to talk about what they have made and learned in the process.

Last year, the Bengaluru Mini Maker Faire was well attended by the public with approximately 4500 footfall to see select 50 maker projects, attend keynote address, D-I-Y workshops, panel discussions, company sponsored workshops, and engage in maker games, performances and installations. It created the first ever open platform to celebrate the maker community.

This year, to encourage closet makers to come to the open and share their work and processes, we have channeled entries through an open call to reach nation wide makers. Efforts will be to reach makers within the state with a lot more concerted efforts with the government and independent organizations. We are looking for talented makers of all ages- anyone who is embracing the do-it-yourself (or do-it-together) spirit and wants to share their accomplishments with an appreciative audience. They will in effect be the ‘stars’ of the Faire and will have the prime opportunity to show off their creations on an established platform. Some of the projects that we are looking for are: sustainability and green tech, homegrown drones, science, biology/ biotech and chemistry, game systems, unusual tools, machines and kits. Last but not the least whimsical creations and innovations. Interested makers to apply through this link:

Backed by the Title Sponsor, Cornerstone Properties, this year we bring many collaborations with city partners like VIT Museum, YCF, Infospace, KGVS and others. Like any other faire, one could be lost in the world of exhibits, workshops, talks, plenaries, performances, challenges and more. The event is open to public to share the spirit of making, celebrating and democratizing by putting the, ’Power of innovation in every hand’!

For more information on Maker Faire feel free to contact Anupama Gowda on +91 9945002529 or drop in an email to:

Workbench Projects (WP) is a makerspace/ FabLab/ public laboratory in Bangalore. It is a unique cross-disciplinary platform for the public to toy with ideas, tinker with tools and machines to prototype and build for the future. Having reclaimed a public space through a tendering process with the Bangalore Metro Rail Corporation, WP is the first of its kind to model a makerspace under a metro station in the heart of the city. WP is committed to ‘Responsible Innovation’ and is headed to democratize and put the power of innovation in every hand!