Palace Grounds Bengaluru

17-18 Novmber, 2017,10am-7pm

Call for Makers now open!

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Let it be known, that 2017 will be officially the FIRST year in the history of Indian DIY Movement to host ear-splitting drumroll peeeeoople the one, the only (for now) MAKER FAIRE 2017.

Yesss we heard and have answered y’alls demands for the country’s own Maker Celebration and FINALLY are on our way to making an EPIC (Did we mention it’s a MAKER FAIRE? Expecting anything less is criminal!)

Yesss you heard it right, after Bengaluru Mini Maker Faire 2016 being the ridiculously amazing success it was(Dude, we had 3000 people in ONE DAY!), we just had to (yes, the odd death threat was more persuasive than you’d think! Jokes aside, we really have an email folder full of requests for an encore, and who are we to turn the love away!) bring the perfect platform for showcasing the maker-spirit back, and back with a vengeance from the looks of it!

Yesss, the best things in life are free, and what can possibly be better than a Maker Faire? One that is completely free for everyone who visits! All you lazy-pokes, frugal-misers and busier-than-Trump’s-pr-guy folks better mark your calendars clear for the 17th-18th November.

Nooo, you don’t have to be some genius to be a part of the festivities, just being appreciative of creativity does the trick! How to participate? Well, for all you cool tinkerers out there, go fill the form HERE, and remember this time, the level of awesomeness has to be right UP there for all the 50 Makers who’ll get shortlisted! So give us your very best! And the ones who aren’t there quite yet, be a dear and bring yourself to the ultimate show-and-tell in India and get inspired in the coolest of ways!

Nooo, don’t you leave filling your application for another day, remember you still have a month to finish it, but just a few days to pen it down for us to shortlist you, so get started already, time’s-a-ticking-away!

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